About Me

I make my decisions about my work by my first impression. Whenever I work on a project or just a photo shoot, I use my first impression about the subject to make my decisions on how to shoot it, how to set it up and how to present it. Sometime the first impression is not always the best way to make decisions but if after my first look at the subject and I keep looking at it and thinking about it, it usually means I have something to work with. I start a piece by picturing in my head what the final product will looks like and after that I begin to think about the process to get there. I know when a piece is done when I look at it, and it makes me happy and there’s nothing that I can think of to add on.

Right now my work is mainly focused on portraits. I enjoy taking pictures of people and at the same time have a connection with them. I like to get to know my subject before I shoot; it can be a person, product, or an environment. At this point of my life, I shoot a lot of different subjects; it is hard to pick a field when you enjoy shooting all kind of different things. I like to explore and attempt things that I’ve never done before. I like to challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone and take some risks. Failing is just part of the process to become successful. I think it’s not about the final product, it’s about the journey you took, the mistake you made and the things you discovered.

Sometimes we unintentionally miss the little things in life, but I am amazed by how a little box with a small hole can capture an image that is worth so much more than a living experience. I started to take pictures when I was in high school, but not until seven years after high school I take this interest and develop in into more of a professional level. Even from many years of wearing out the shutter button, I am still surprised by how much a picture can say without words. My love for photography is not just because I can use pictures to express myself. I love it because I can stop and capture a moment and keep it forever. A moment that might not happen again, a moment that others might missed.